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Upcoming Series

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Series 1

• March 16-17, 2018
• March 21-22, 2018

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Series 2

• April 6-7, 2018
• October 5-6, 2018

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Series 3

• May 11-13, 2018
• *May 11-12, 2018
*(Staff Training, ½ day on 12th)

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Staff Training

• November 9-11, 2018
• *November 9-10, 2018
* (Staff Training, ½ day on 10th)

2018 Continuum Information

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In this 2-day lecture, we will discuss the following:

Online Module (module to be completed prior to attending in-person lecture & hands-on activities):
· History of dental implants
· What makes a good implant?
Medical concerns for case selection
· Pharmacology
· How to take a good CT scan
· What is needed to make a surgical guide

· Dental concerns for case selection
· Principles of guided vs. conventional surgery
· Parts & pieces of implant dentistry
· Bone healing - what is normal?
· Understanding surgical protocols
· Concept of healed ridge implant placement
· Infection control & asepsis
· Extractions – not your everyday
· Socket preservation
· Incision and flap design
· Suturing techniques
· Material selection, sutures, membrane types, grafts
· Graft containment
· Bone healing dynamics
· Maintaining vs obtaining soft and hard tissue
· How to use ISQ technology with healed ridge implant placement

Hands-On Activities Include:
· Implant placement into mandibular bone models both free handed and using CT guides
· Apply suturing techniques on chicken breast and simulated tissue

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In this 2-day lecture and hands-on course, we will discuss the following:

Online Module (module to be completed prior to attending in-person lecture & hands-on activities):
· Case for immediate implant placement
· Case selection and immediate planning
· Review of extraction technique
· Placement protocol and graft containment

· Extraction technique recap
· Implant placements for denture patients (how many do you place and when)
· Introduction to complex implant treatment planning/full arch
· Evaluating socket type
· Principles of graft containment
· Implant selection based on socket anatomy
· CT guided surgery vs conventional for immediate implant placement
· Understand when to immediate load implants and when to not
· How to use ISQ technology for immediates
· Implant restorations (Screw retained versus cement retained)
· Open and closed impression techniques
· Abutment selection and design
· Immediate previsualization
· Chair side custom tissue formers versus lab fabricated custom formers
· Crown and bridge material selection
· Customized impression coping
· Principles of overdenture treatment planning
· Implant restorations for the edentulous patient and vertical requirements

Hands-On Activities Include:
· Hands-on training using pig jaws (extractions, grafting, suturing and socket preservation)

Series Pics-15.png

Same content as Series 1 &2 with an additional 3rd Series.

In this 2 ½ day hands-on live patient surgery course and lecture we will discuss the following:

· Preoperative workup using CBCT for each patient
· Live, clinical implant surgery on multiple patients over 2 days
· Mentored over the shoulder implant training with Dr. Mullins, Dr. Bublik, Dr. Rogers
  and Dr. Hehli
· Each participant will place implants on multiple patients
· At least one edentulous arch of implants will be placed for an implant retained denture
· Small student-to-mentor ratio
· Preselected implant patients to ensure success
· State-of-the-art facility and instrumentation with CBCT on site
· Post-operative recaps of implant placements after each day
· Implementation of Restorative Driven Implants in your practice
· What you need to do different as a dentist in your practice on Monday morning
· What your team needs to hear and believe
· A recipe for case acceptance…the secret sauce
· What codes do I use for implant procedures
· The insurance excuse and patient financing
· Marketing and internal referrals
· How to enjoy the journey

Includes 1 ½ days of staff training
Presenter: Megan Ridenour

Each doctor can bring two members of their practice to attend the staff component.
Staff component classes will be on May 11-12, 2018 (1/2 day on the 12th) and
November 9-10 (1/2 day on the 10th).

· Hands on with implants parts & pieces
· Operatory set up and aseptic technique
· 4 handed implant dentistry
· Sterilization of instruments & surgical trays
· Organizing inventory
· Understanding parts & pieces of implants
· Informed consent
· Post-op instructions

Payment Plans - We offer financing for our comprehensive Series 1-3 package. This package would be split into 3 equal installments of $3331.66. However, the one time payment comes with a $500 discount!

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